Cheerleading Tips & Drills

  1. Cheer-jacks to start warm-ups

    When my team and I start stretching we do cheer-jacks: start from five and do 5 high v's and spread your legs as you jump. Then do 5 jumps with your hands in fists on your hips. Then do 5 straight jumps with your hands in fists like you're "punching the ceiling." Then after you do five of each you do them again but this time you do 4 of everything then 3 then 2 then 1 until you're all done. This gets your body warmed up for the rest of practice.

  2. Team Bonding

    This is essential in ALL sports. Bonding develops chemistry between players on & off the court. This could be as simple as playing Duck, Duck, Goose! or running a relay on the court. Teams with great chemistry tend to understand one another's personalities and strengths/weaknesses, which ultimately helps players work better together on the court.

  3. Stretching

    A good stretch helps keep you from cramping.

  4. Trust your Coach and Team

    If you have a tumbling coach always trust them. Never think that they are going to drop you because they won't. That's what they are trained for. You have to trust your coaches at all times when spotting or even when they give you advice.

  5. Attitude

    Always have the right attitude so the coach will know that you're there to play.

  6. Set Goals

    All athletes can improve their athletic performance by determining goals and outlining steps that they can take to achieve those goals.

  7. Recovery After Injuries

    Active rest will help in recovery and regeneration after sports related injuries. A brisk walk or slow swim is considered active rest. Also, a sports massage will help reduce muscle fatigue.

  8. Training

    Do not increase training time or intensity by more than 10% at a time. This should help reduce injuries.

  9. Routines

    Routines should play on the strengths of the individuals in your cheer team but also maximize visual effects using synchronization.

  10. Be Prepared for Competition

    Before heading off to competition, review the competition score sheet and rules. Have a dress rehearsal in which you perform exactly the way you intend to perform at competition. Also, create a checklist of things you will need to bring that includes props, poms, uniforms, music, etc. You don't want to show up and realize that you are missing something essential for your routine!

  11. Music

    Have your music done professionally so that you look professional when competing in Cheer Competitions.

  12. Enter the Right Competition

    Be sure when entering a Cheer Competition to enter in the correct division. Divisions are based on skill level.

  13. Challenge Yourself

    Don't simply practice the skills that you are good at. Challenge yourself to learn new skills and practice them. The more you learn and master, the more valuable you are to your team!

  14. Practice

    Arrive at scheduled practices early, stay late and work hard while you are there.

  15. Tips

    Do Leg Ups everyday and you will see a huge difference.

  16. Discovering Your Talent

    Discovering your talent starts from the classroom. Keep making good grades and see the difference in your talent discovery.

  17. Full Downs

    When you do a full down, remember to ride it straight up, then look for your backspot!

  18. Hand Stand

    When you do a hand stand always be straight and point your toes.

  19. Injuries

    When you are hurt tell someone -- don't cover it up and say you are fine if you are not!

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