Cheerleading Equipment Buying Guide

Whether you're a novice cheerleader, seasoned pro, or planning to coach, you may have questions about shopping for cheerleading equipment. What follows are a few of the more common ones. Did we answer all of your questions? If not, give us a call and one of our friendly sales reps will be happy to assist you!

How do I shop for cheerleading equipment?

Before putting your money on those great new uniforms and other equipment you've been excited about, there are a few things you should consider:

Know your team rules. When it comes to uniforms and other details, different teams follow different guidelines. Being familiar with your school or organization's rules will eliminate unnecessary returns.

Know your team style. Every cheer team has a little different function and personality. When selecting your cheer uniforms, consider a look that best represents your school or organization.

What are your team needs? While it's important to aim high, be realistic about your team's level, and the extent to which your team will train. The equipment needs of a high level competitive cheer squad may be very different than those of a first-year cheerleading squad that mainly supports school sporting events.

How much can you spend? Set your budget, and then think of ways to cut cost. While at Epic Sports we aim to keep our every day single unit prices lower than those of our competitors. There are items that if purchased in quantities of ten or more may give you additional savings! These are a just a few things to think about before shopping for cheer gear.

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What do cheerleaders wear?

In addition to the cheerleading uniform, cheerleading apparel includes cheer practice clothes, warm-ups, athletic sandals or flip-flops to change into, and sometimes cheer visors to protect the eyes.

Cheer Uniform

Cheerleading uniforms. A cheer uniform consists of a sports top and bottoms (pleated skirt or spandex shorts), cheer briefs, cheer socks, and cheer shoes.

Cheer Sock

Cheer socks. Depending on the style of sock your team is required to wear, you will need socks that are comfortable, absorbent, and have cooling technologies to keep your feet dry and comfy from game time to finish. Footsies, ankle socks, crews, and stay-put knee-highs complete your look and wrap your feet in comfort.

Cheer Shoe

Cheerleading shoes. Cheerleaders are on their feet a lot, and it's important to have comfortable, flexible shoes that can be worn for long periods of time. The best kind of cheer footwear will have good treads, good arch support, be lightweight and breathable, and allow your feet a full range of flexibility.

Practice Uniform Cheer Under Garment

Cheer practice clothes. No cheer wardrobe is complete without comfortable cotton long and short-sleeve practice t-shirts, colorful spandex sports bras and shorts, soffe-style practice shorts, and more.

Warm-ups & Gloves

Warm-ups. Before and after the game and during practices, you'll need comfortable athletic warmups which could include warm-up jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies, yoga-style pants, plus hats, scarves, gloves, and fleece for the chilly days.

Mesh Visor

Caps and visors. Keeping the sun out of your eyes while you're outdoors should give you more to cheer about! Our adjustable and lightweight mesh visors do just that, plus wick away moisture, and come in colors to match just about any cheer uniform.

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Do cheerleaders wear protective gear?

As you know, cheerleading involves a wide range of moves and potentially dangerous stunts. Even with increased emphasis on cheer safety in recent years, accidents do occur. Some of the most frequent accidents include twisting or spraining an ankle and pulling a muscle. While you can never be completely prepared for a traumatic injury, it's important to have some standard first aid and other items on hand, and here are a few of them.

PreWrap & Athletic Tape

Athletic wrap and tape. Even the most experienced and flexible athletes pull tendons and get sore muscles. High quality athletic tape is a staple for protecting the ankles, shins and knees. Our durable and stretchy foam NCAA-approved athletic tape is available in colors to match your uniform.

Knee & Ankle Support

Bands and supports. There are times when a gymnast's ankles, knees, wrists and elbows need extra support. Neoprene compression sleeves, bands and braces provide the extra needed protection for sore limbs and muscles, and assist athletes recovering from injury.

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What equipment and accessories do cheerleaders use?

That will depend on your team's level and function. Most teams' arsenal of cheer gear includes poms, megaphones, cheer bags, first aid supplies, protective gear, and accessories: hair bands, head bands, wrist bands, visors, water bottles, and more.

Cheer Poms

Poms. Traditional cheer poms, or pom-poms are colorful tufts of plastic strips with handles used by cheerleaders to jazz up their routines. Poms come in many color combinations and shimmery effects.

Cheer Megaphone

Megaphones. Cheer squads often use megaphones to make their cheers more audible. Electronic and acoustic hand-held megaphones amplify the voice, making it easier to interact with the crowd.

Cheer Bags

Cheer bags. Cheerleaders are on the go a lot, and need to keep their accessories in one place. Cheerleader bags should provide enough room to stow everything and have good ventilation.

First Aid Kit

First aid supplies. Accidents happen while cheering! Kits, cold and hot packs, wraps, bandages and sprays are a must at every cheerleading event. Epic Sports allows you to customize your own team kit, or buy a few ready-made.

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What training equipment does a cheerleader use?

At cheerleading practice, chances are there will be floor mats, weights and medicine balls for building strength, training bands for developing flexibility, jump ropes for improving height, and specialized training equipment.

Floor mats. We carry every kind of gym mat, including polyfoam mats, folding mats, pilates and yoga mats, rubber flooring, plus mat tape and carrying carts.

Weights and medicine balls. Strength to be a cheerleader comes from having strong legs and arms, flexible hips, and a strong core for executing a variety of stunts.

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What does a cheerleader bring to cheer camp?

It depends on the type, level, and duration of the cheer camp. Check with your camp facility. Most cheer camps last three to four days, and pack a lot of activities into a short time. Workshops may take place in a gym or outside, depending on the weather. Generally, expect a few-day supply of comfortable cheerleading practice clothes including t-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, shorts, and a pair of flip-flops to change into. Accessories may include hair ties, sunscreen, water bottle, and personal items. You won't be training the entire time, so bring a couple changes of regular clothing including shorts, tops, jeans, jacket, and pj's. Most camps give a final performance, so you may need a cheer uniform supplied by the camp. The most important thing to bring to cheer camp is a positive attitude, and willingness to take constructive criticism!

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Can I get all my cheerleader equipment from Epic Sports?

It depends on what your cheer team needs are. While we don't specialize in cheerleading, we sell a lot of the same kinds of cheer equipment and accessories you might find at a specialty store, but at greatly reduced prices. We carry a wide assortment of cheer uniforms, practice apparel, cheer socks, cheer shoes, and more, at our complete menu.

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